Cut to Bus 271 at BC Would Impact +900

Image of Reroute

Yesterday Metro sent a service change ordinance to the King County Council that cuts service to campus for Bellevue College’s most heavily used route, the 271 – our link to downtown Bellevue.

The reroute would eliminate a stop serving over 900 students, employees and visitors daily and run the bus on 148th which serves 1 or fewer riders during weekend service. Download the BC 271 Bus Cut Fact Sheet.

You can let you voice be heard on this issue and perhaps save campus service!

IN PERSON: Thursday, May 15, Bellevue City Hall 5:30 p.m. – sign in/open house Wear a BLUE T-SHIRT and RSVP to show support for BC


Metro did pull a similar reroute , Route 245, after students and the college protested during the winter outreach period, but Route 271 was left on the chopping block. This change would take effect February 2015.

See the complete list of impacts to Metro routes serving Bellevue College: Metro Cuts to BC Routes


Last Updated May 16, 2014