Keep Route 271 on Campus!

Yesterday Metro sent a service change ordinance to the King County Council that cuts service to campus for Bellevue College’s most heavily used route, the 271 – our link to downtown Bellevue.

The reroute would eliminate a stop serving over 900 students, employees and visitors daily and run the bus on 148th which serves 1 or fewer riders during weekend service. Download the BC 271 Bus Cut Fact Sheet.

You can let you voice be heard on this issue and perhaps save campus service!

IN PERSON: Thursday, May 15, Bellevue City Hall 5:30 p.m. – sign in/open house Wear a BLUE T-SHIRT and RSVP to show support for BC.   WEAR BLUE.  MEET AT THE BELLEVUE COLLEGE BUS SHELTER AT 4:45pm and RIDE TOGETHER!



Last Updated May 30, 2014