Campus Voice Is Heard on Metro Cuts

Bellevue College group walks into Metro Cuts Meeting in Bellevue

The Council heard loud and clear from Bellevue College on May 15th and May 29th for the Public Testimony on the proposed cuts.  Bellevue College had over 30 students, staff, and faculty present on May 15th and over 20 students, staff and faculty present on May 29th!

The testimonies on May 15th prompted the Council in making several inquiries to Metro representatives regarding impediments presented by the re-route.

Students Alex Clark and Steve Ferreira along with several members of the faculty and staff eloquently articulated how this re-route impacts the community.  Additionally, the Associated Student Government and the Office of Student Legislative Affairs flexed their power by connecting with students, spreading the word, and representing the student-body.

It’s not too late to testify online, tell Metro your story!

And a big thank you to those who have testified already, and participated on behalf of Bellevue College at both meetings, every voice counts!


Last Updated May 30, 2014