April 2014 Sustainability Indicators

Photo of green plant coming out of the ground with money blossoming and a blue sky behind it

The Sustainability indicators for April 2014 are as follows …

Monthly Indicators for April 2014

 Savings (Cost)Savings (Consumption)2014 Consumption2013 Consumption
Electricity (kWh)$4,71077,534893,050970,584
Natural Gas (therms)$5,5995,68021,14626,826
Water (ccf)$2,0883011,2041,505
Refuse (tons)($3,880)(26)4418
Papercut Printing (pages)49,709230,999280,708
EV Charging (GGE)(37)3269

* GGE = Gallons of Gas Equivalent

Electricity APR 2014

Natural Gas APR 2014

Water APR 2014

Refuse APR 2014

Last Updated July 28, 2014