Transportation Assistance Comes to Campus


Sustainability at Bellevue College is happy to welcome back Hopelink’s Mobility Management team to our campus to help achieve our transportation programs and awareness this year! Last week Hopelink and teams of BC student volunteers provided students and faculty with resources and travel plans to help get to and from campus.

Hopelink is a nonprofit association working across multiple fields including housing, employment, education, emergency food, healthcare and senior care. Hopelink strive to serve low-income individuals and families, students with disabilities or Limited English Proficiency, immigrants, and veterans through programs, partnership and advocacy. Hopelink help serve the Bellevue College community by creating completely customized travel plans with bus routes, transfers, and biking options for your convenience. Moira Ohl, Hopelink’s Travel Programs Manager for the greater Seattle area says Hopelink’s Mobility Management teams’ mission is to “empower people to change their lives by facilitating access to the community”. Ensuring students and staff have access to transportation to and from school are vital to their academic and professional success.

Whether it’s information on ORCA cards, bus transfers, bike routes, or anything you might be wondering about transportation, Hopelink is available to help any students who need help finding a way to campus or are just looking for an alternative.

Hopelink’s booths will reopen during the first two weeks of Fall Quarter to help students with their Fall transportation plans!


Last Updated July 30, 2014