Smash that Trash!

Waste Audit Press Release

Would you like to reduce the amount of trash that Bellevue College sends to the landfill? Waste audit shows room for im-provement when it comes to discarding items at Bellevue College.

On April 21st, a group of students sorted through a massive pile of trash collected from the C Building at BC. Items were sorted into different types of compostables, recyclables, and landfill items. To the right are pie charts showing the amount of each type of trash that was found in the sort. The experience was very eye-opening because over half of the trash could have been composted. Even though there are many compost bins on campus, many students still put compostable materials into the trash bins that go to a landfill. Choosing to put your trash in the correct bin takes less then a minute yet the trash we put out in landfills can take years to decompose. So next time you go to throw away your trash, take the extra second to put it in the correct bin.

Last Updated June 13, 2016