URGENT: Student Government Environmental and Social Rep Position OPEN

The ASG Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative position has recently opened up mid-year!

This is a rare opportunity to get some paid sustainability experience for a short period of time (until June 30th, 2017), and get to work on important tasks like Earth Week in April and chair the Student Environmental Sustainability Fund!

The ASG Environmental and Social Responsibility Rep is responsible for environmental and social stewardship on campus. They collaborate with students, college, and community organizations to facilitate a more environmentally and socially responsible world. For more information, check out the application here: 2016 – 2017 ASG Environment and Social Responsibility Representative Application. If you have any questions, contact asgpres@bellevuecollege.edu or asgchief@Bellevuecollege.edu or call 425‐564-2295.

Applications are due Tuesday February 21, so act fast!





Last Updated February 14, 2017