ORCA Lift has Changed!

ORCA Lift has changed and has been updated with new information. Read carefully and see if you apply for Lift. Visit their website if you need more information or email us for any transportation needs or assistance.



  • Eligibility: Orca LIFT is available to people with household incomes of less than double the federal poverty level. Being enrolled in Medicaid, EBT, TANF, or having the Opportunity/State Needs grant automatically qualifies a person for the program. For more information, please visit the King County website.
  • How to Purchase:
    • Students: Apply online at the Orca LIFT website.
    • Faculty and Staff: Qualify at King County Public Health in Eastgate
    • Purchase a Commuter Check at the Cashier’s Office (B 126)
      • $240 and $120 Commuter Checks available. Confirm your Orca LIFT eligibility prior to purchasing the Commuter Check.

Last Updated December 2, 2019