Building Dashboard

Each campus building is connected to a dashboard where you can see, analyze, and manipulate energy and water data. We have two separate dashboard systems, one for the main and north campus, and one for student housing. Please check out the instructions below on how to use each system.

1. Student Housing Dashboard

Click on the link below to view the Student Housing Dashboard which observes, analyzes, and records resource data on Student Housing.

You must be connected to the Bellevue College network, either by VPN or on campus.




2. Main & North Campus Dashboard

Real-time data on North Campus and Main Campus buildings, excluding Student Housing.

Available for students, staff, or faculty to view and manipulate energy and water data. Does not require connection to the Bellevue College network.

To access:

Guest Login User ID: BCGuest

Guest Login Password: BCGuest

Visit the Building Dashboard home page.

Watch the instructional videos:  introenergy app (usage, profileoperation), historian app,  key performance indicators app.

Last Updated June 24, 2020