Climate Action Plan

In June 2010, the EAC completed BC’s Climate Action Plan – detailing strategies to reduce our carbon emissions and overall environmental impact through a multifaceted approach with goals set for reductions at various stages over the next 40 years.  Our plan is a “working model” and will be re-evaluated and adjusted regularly (with major analysis and revisions occurring on a 5 yr cycle).  We fully expect the plan to evolve as we learn what works and introduce new ideas and technologies.  The plan is divided into four major areas:

  • Buildings and energy use
  • Transportation
  • Purchasing, waste, and “other” strategies
  • Education and culture change

Climate Action Project Updates

Read the Complete Climate Action Plan with the 2013 Progress Report (PDF)

As a part of the ACUPCC, Bellevue College EAC uses the Clean Air Cool Planet Campus Carbon Calculator to conduct an internal Carbon Emissions Audit.  The Carbon Audit Report is an internal audit and inventory of greenhouse gas emissions attributed to Bellevue College campuses.  View our emissions below or read the Carbon Audit Report.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Bellevue College 2013

Last Updated April 8, 2014