Shady Glen


Welcome to the Shady Glen. This short loop, on level ground, is a great retreat on sweltering summer days when shelter from the sun is needed. Nestled between the north end of the R building and the south end of the G building, the Shady Glen hosts a collection of native and non-native, easy to grow shade tolerant species. Access this portion of the arboretum on either the north end of the main courtyard or from parking lots D1 or 17. In our urban environment, it’s imperative to maintain or create spaces where wildlife can safely rest, in the same way that humans need this. As you rest, how many different bird calls can you hear? Enjoy the close-up interactions with large native Douglas Firs and Western Red Cedars. Run your hands over their bark, what do you notice about these two species? 

Last Updated April 19, 2023