MiniMax Program

What is the MiniMax Pilot Program?

This pilot program helps Bellevue College sort trash properly. Most of what we throw away on campus doesn’t actually belong in the landfill!

The Minimax program streamlines and standardizes waste management on campus, which reduces landfill waste, makes sorting easier for staff and faculty, and gives our custodians more time for tasks that keep our campus clean.

This pilot program will be running in the Academic Affairs office, the President’s office, and K building. It will run for a duration of 6 months.

Office Spaces & Cubicles

You have been provided with a 7 gallon blue recycling bin, with a 0.75 gallon green organics compost bin, and a 0.75 gallon black landfill waste bin. The two smaller bins hang on the side of the larger bin, either on the outside or on the inside, depending on your preference.


Centralized Tri-Stream Locations

In addition to the deskside bins, there will be centralized tri-stream waste receptacles in your area, either in the kitchenette or in a central office location.

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How Do I Use the MiniMax Deskside Bins?

These three bins make it easy for you to sort your waste! Please take your deskside bins to the central location, where you will be responsible for emptying your own bins. Being responsible means keeping your bins clean and empty daily, especially for compost. Leaving compost in your deskside bin for multiple days can result in smell and pests.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the BC use MiniMax?

This pilot program helps Bellevue College:

  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Increase awareness & responsibility for proper waste sorting
  • Create more time for essential custodial tasks
  • Support the Bellevue College Climate Action Plan and The Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment

What is the evidence that proves this program works?

Deskside waste bin programs have been successfully implemented at many public and private sector organizations. For example:

  • Recycling at Work study commissioned by Keep America Beautiful in 2014 found a 20 percent increase in office recycling.
  • A case study from 2002 focusing on two of the first institutions to implement “mini-bin” programs: the Ontario provincial government and the San Jose city government.
  • Dartmouth College, which increased its recycling rate by 33% and reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills by 200 tons within one year.
  • Sonoma State University, which increased its recycling rate by 55% within one year.
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte, which increased its recycling rate by 20% and saved $13,000 annually on garbage bag liners.
  • University of Minnesota Duluth decreased the amount of recyclables in its garbage by 14% and reduced the total amount of waste sent to the landfill by almost 20%.

SourcesKeep America BeautifulTufts University,

How do we know the pilot program is working?

A pre-pilot survey was sent to pilot area participants. During the pilot, participants have the opportunity to provide feedback. Post-pilot, we will send out one last survey. We will analyze the survey results to see if this program makes sorting campus office waste easier and more efficient.

Does this pilot program affect all buildings at Bellevue College?

No, for the pilot program we are implementing the Minimax bins in the Academic Affairs office, the President’s office, and the K building office spaces.

How do custodial staff redirect the time that used to be spent emptying desk-side bins?

Custodial staff will be able to focus on cleaning our beautiful campus, and dedicating more time to high traffic areas and areas that serve our students, such as classrooms.

Why is the black MiniMax garbage bin so small?

The small “waste only” bin is typically enough in an office setting, because most office waste is recyclable or compostable. Some items DO belong in the landfill, such as chip bags, snack wrappers, or very dirty recyclables! If you’re not sure where to put an item, please refer to the disposal guide (LINK NEEDED).

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What do I put in the green organics MiniMax bin?

This is for your compostable materials! All food waste and waste from compostable serviceware on campus can go in here. Please refer to the disposal guide! Remember to empty your organics bin on a daily basis so that you do not have scent or pest issues.

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Why are desk-side MiniMax bins unlined?

By emptying your liner-free bins frequently, you reduce the amount of plastic bag waste in the waste stream and save on the expense of buying unnecessary plastic bin liners.

Where do I empty my desk-side MiniMax bins?

For the pilot program, there will be three locations to find the centralized tri-stream waste bins.

  1. Academic Affairs Office kitchenette
  2. Presidents Office behind the front desk
  3. K building central office waste disposal

When am I going to find time to empty my desk-side bins?

Many people are surprised how infrequently they need to empty their bins. Do so whenever you need a break from the computer in accordance with suggested ergonomics guidelines.

What happened to the old garbage can or recycling box under my desk?

For the pilot program, we will keep everything in surplus.

How do I get replacement or additional MiniMax bins?

Please contact if your MiniMax bin needs replacement or if you need another. For the purposes of the pilot program, no additional bins will be provided unless there is a new employee.

What if I have more questions about the MiniMax Pilot program?

Please contact us, we would love your feedback! Email us at

As well, we will have a survey for your feedback here:

Last Updated May 21, 2020