Two hikers chat on tall rocks in front of a waterfall.

Building Community Climate Conversations (BCCC) is an outward-facing project initiated by emeritus faculty of Bellevue College; it is intended to connect the college with the Eastside community on climate crisis issues. We start from the perspective of democratic governance: civic responses to the climate crisis begin with conversations in the community.

Such conversations are not yet common. 

According to a recent survey among King County residents:

Canoers paddle in a mountain stream.

84% believe that climate change is happening and will harm future generations.

A mother and child enjoy a garden of tulips.

Fully 70% believe that it is already harming the US.

A skier pauses in the snowy woods.

Yet only 53% say that they talk about climate even occasionally.

Substantial climate conversations are surprisingly rare.

The BCCC project is designed to provide information and conversational tools to support thoughtful and informed conversations among community members on climate issues. We start with a focus on concrete climate change impacts in the Pacific Northwest that are now predictable and inevitable.