We want to hear from you!
We would like your feedback regarding the wireless.

While using the wireless, have you experienced any issues? If you are willing to share those experiences with us, it will help us to make necessary improvements. Please provide as detailed information as possible:
- the location you were at when having the problem (a nearby room number helps)
- the date and time you had the problem
- which network you were connected to (Eduroam, BC)
- the site you were trying (if a particular site was seeming to have an issue)

If you can provide either the MAC address of your computer, or the local IP of your computer when you were connected, that will help us research issues even further. Don't worry if you can't provide all the information, just let us know what was happening and provide as much details as you can. If you would like to be contacted, please include your email address and we will try and respond as we can.

Thank you.

Last Updated August 20, 2020