Bellevue College

Reading Lab

Our objective is to help you sharpen reading skills, particularly reading comprehension, speed, and vocabulary.

The Reading Lab is a Class

If you are enrolled in pre-college reading / writing classes (061/062, 071-074, 089) or in English 106, you will be automatically registered for 2 credits in the lab.  You can also register as an independent (non class-linked) student for 1 or 2 credits under English 080 or 180 (a higher-level, graded course).

Lab instructors are available at all times to assist you.  They will help you plan an individualized program that meets your needs and goals. While here, you will maintain a portfolio of work which lab instructors will regularly evaluate to help you progress.

To get started, you will attend an individual or class orientation at the beginning of the quarter, and, at mid-term, an individual conference to ensure you are on the right track.

This page was updated on June 10, 2010