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Bellevue College is your springboard to great things in life. Here you can build an academic foundation, train for a career, forge valuable life skills, and feed your curiosity. No matter what you aim to achieve, we’re here to help. Take advantage of BC resources to support your journey.

Students walk on BC's campus.

Classes & Transcripts

Students work on laptops at a table.Ready to choose your courses? The class schedule tells you what’s offered and when classes meet.

Already taken courses at BC? You may request an official transcript, which shows courses completed and grades received. Order it in person, or online.

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Paying for College

If you need help covering tuition, fees, and other college costs, BC offers many avenues of support.

Complete the FAFSA or WAFSA to get in the running for financial aid. You could be eligible for state and federal grants, loans, and work-study.

The BC Foundation awards scholarships. Be sure to apply.

Academic Calendar

It’s easy to enroll in courses at BC. Just log into your ctcLink account at your preassigned appointment time. Then choose your classes.

Be mindful of key dates and deadlines in the academic calendar.

Tutoring and Learning Help

Need help understanding course material? Connect with tutors in person or online. Attend learning workshops to build academic skills.

A student and tutor consult a textbook together.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides free, high-quality tutoring and learning services for all students enrolled at Bellevue College. The mission of the ASC is to help students succeed academically and empower them to become independent, life-long learners.

Services & Resources

  • Calculator and Textbook Lending
  • Tutoring labs
  • Workshops
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Academic Advising

When choosing classes, keep your long-term goals in mind.

Academic advisors are here to help. They’ll show you how to stay on track toward your degree.

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Get Involved

Dive into activities beyond the classroom! Student clubs let you pursue your passion and make lifelong friends. You can enjoy a variety of events year-round, hosted by the Office of Student Engagement.

If you want to be a leader, run for office in student government. You’ll team with fellow students to support BC’s inclusive, vibrant culture.

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Tech Resources

Tech support. The Technology Service Desk is your go-to resource for help with computers, printers, and technology in classrooms and labs.

Online learning. Online courses are offered through Canvas, a learning management system that you can access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our Interactive eLearning department offers training if you need help using Canvas.

Students wear BC Multicultural Services T-shirts.

Supportive Learning Communities

Connect with others of similar backgrounds or explore new cultures with Multicultural Services which offers mentoring, college guidance, and workshops built around cultural awareness. Find community and discover your strengths with Neurodiversity Navigators, a cohort program that offers peer mentoring, advocacy, career preparation courses, and more.

TRIO Student Support Services

Are you a first-generation college student, a student with limited income, or a student with a disability? TRIO has a wide array of academic services, financial aid guidance, mentoring, and more. Check them out.

A close-up of rows of library books.

Library & Bookstore

Check out books, journals, and digital resources at the Library Media Center, either in person or online. They have laptops and calculators that you can borrow, too.

The place to buy textbooks is the BC Bookstore. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things college-related: school and dorm supplies, gifts, electronics, and (of course) Bulldog gear.

Two students lounge in BC student housing.

Housing & Public Safety

Picture yourself in the Bellevue College residence hall. Suites and apartments are home to 400 students. In this welcoming community, you can make great friends, enjoy activities, and focus on earning top grades.

While you’re on campus, the BC Public Safety department works 24/7 to keep you safe.

A bicycle stands in a bike rack.

Parking & Transportation

Public transportation is one of the most Earth-friendly ways to get to BC. Several bus lines serve campus.

If you’d rather bike, you’ll find bike racks next to every building.

If you drive, you’ll need to buy a parking permit. Consider carpooling, so you can split costs. Plus, carpool vehicles park in a prime location.

Students wearing graduation caps sit attentively at commencement, as seen from behind.


If you’re on the homestretch to your degree, apply to graduate.

Applying makes completion of your degree official. It lets you receive your diploma and walk in commencement ceremonies.

Apply to Graduate
A person in wheelchair joins a study group with other students.

Take Advantage of Our Helpful Resources

When you’re facing challenges, Bellevue College helps you overcome them. Counselors help you navigate life’s hurdles. Our career advisors guide you in exploring career options and help you launch a successful job search. The Disability Resource Center works hard to provide accommodations for students and to educate the campus community.

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Rights & Responsibilities

The BC Student Conduct Code defines your rights and responsibilities as you participate in campus life. FERPA protects the privacy of your education records.

And if your GPA falls below 2.0, don’t be alarmed if we reach out. We’ll connect you with resources to help you maintain good academic standing.

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Emergency Alerts

If there’s a campus emergency, check your email for updates.

Rather get texts? Sign up! We’ll text you if classes are canceled, campus is closed, or there’s an emergency.

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We Are Here for You!

I am a/an:

A group of graduates in white gowns

AAPI Students, You are Welcome Here

Join an exciting and diverse community of AAPI students at BC as you navigate your educational path. With on-campus housing, coaching with the financial aid process, affinity groups, and a vibrant urban campus, you can choose from one of 15 bachelor's degree programs and know you are supported.

A BC grad in a white gown poses with family or friends before the ceremony

Black/African American Students, We are Here for you

Join an exciting and diverse community of Black and African American students at BC as you navigate your educational path. With on campus housing, coaching with the financial aid process, affinity groups, and a vibrant urban campus, you can choose from one of 15 bachelor's degree programs and know you are supported. Umoja is a Kiswahili word meaning: Unity. The Umoja Scholars Program is a supportive learning community providing critical resources dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of Black, African American, and other students.

A student at a desk looking at a computer

First-Generation Students, You are Welcome Here

As, a first-generation college student, it might seem daunting, but we are here to help. Join a supportive and engaging first-generation student community at Bellevue College. With extensive academic advising, financial aid guidance, study skills instruction, laptop lending, mentoring, and tutoring, TRIO aims to assist the first generation student in their learning path, while making education accessible and easy to navigate for all.

Students sitting on the grass in a circle smiling in front of the C building.

International Students, You are Welcome Here

Join an exciting and diverse community of over 1,300 international students (including F and J visas) from 57 countries at Bellevue College. With on campus housing, international support, affinity groups, and a vibrant urban campus. you can further your education by choosing from the eight BC Pathways.

A teacher working with a student

Neurodivergent Students, We are Here for you

At BC, we welcome neurodivergent students as part of the diversity of our campus community. Join us at BC as you navigate your educational path. With on-campus housing, peer mentors, a Neurodiversity Center, dedicated study halls, educational communities with other neurodivergent students, and more, neurodivergent students can find an option for learning that suits them best.

Group of students attending the Puente Orientation standing in front of a fountain

Latinx Students, we are Committed to you

Join an exciting and diverse community of Latinx students at BC as you navigate your educational path. With dedicated bilingual counselors and academic advisors, on-campus housing, affinity groups and a vibrant urban campus, you can choose from one of 15 bachelor's degree programs and know you are supported. The Puente Program is a nationally recognized and award-winning academic program dedicated to advancing the education of Latinx students.

Students and staff gather in the cafeteria, where flags from many countries hang above the entry ways. Tables with black tablecloths and autumnal decorations are spaced with four seats each: two on either side. Seated individuals look toward a stage where a person in a suit jacket addresses the crowd.

You are Welcome Here

Student organizations play a vital role in the student culture of Bellevue College and offer students the opportunity for leadership development and growth.

Woman in green and brown camouflage uniform smiling explaining her thoughts.

Veterans, We Have a Place for you

Bellevue College is committed to supporting our veterans and their family members. With priority registration, a 25% tuition discount, financial aid, and enrollment assistance, BC strives to make your educational journey your next new adventure.