Sue Cox

Sociology Instructor


My name is Sue Cox and I am native to the Bellevue area. I was born in Seattle, because that is where the hospital was, but then my parents brought me home to Bellevue to the house where I lived my entire childhood and where my mom still resides today. I spent four years away at college for my undergraduate work, but then came back and have lived here on the eastside ever since.

I first took sociology in high school. I can tell you virtually nothing about that experience except that I was so bored that I wrote my notes backwards. You could read them by holding them up to a mirror. Believe it or not, I actually took another sociology class in college. (Why not? I didn’t learn anything the first time around.) This time the light bulb went on and I have had a passion for sociology ever since. I double majored in sociology and computer science, but my computer science degree has been sadly neglected. Sociology is much more fun!

Before coming to teach at BC, my jobs consisted of social work in the areas of adoption, foster care and juvenile corrections.   I didn’t start teaching right away after getting my degree partly because I didn’t think I wanted to. Who wants a job with homework? Once while job searching I submitted a resume to BC and a year later got a call asking if I wanted to teach. I didn’t know if I wanted to or not, but thought I would at least try it. So I tried it and found that I like it. I really like it. That is why I have been here ever since.

When I am not teaching or doing the homework produced by teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family (one husband, two kids). We like mellow activities such as watching movies and playing board games and more active pastimes such as camping, hiking, swimming, taking the dog on long walks, and heading into Seattle for entertainment there. Any time I have left I fill in with baking and reading (including reading books about baking).