Prospective Students

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How to Register for an IDS Course

  • Students initially register for the IDS course they want to take by enrolling in the appropriate Interdisciplinary Studies course by entering the correct Item number.
  • During the first two weeks of the quarter, students work with their instructors to select the specific disciplinary classes they want to get credit for. Typically, students choose one course from each area of study. Most instructors will include a “default” option so if students do not make a choice they are automatically enrolled in the default courses.
  • Midway through the quarter, students will see the course in their records change from the single  Interdisciplinary Studies class they originally registered for (e.g., INTER 145) to the multiple disciplinary classes they have chosen (e.g., CMST& 210 and PSYC 250). These will be the separate courses for which they receive a grade.
  • The grade is typically the same across all classes the student has chosen and reflects the student’s performance across the whole interdisciplinary course. See your instructors’ syllabus for the specifics of their grading policy.

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Last Updated May 24, 2023