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 2016-2017 Preview*

Fall 2016

  • “Bite Me: Consumption and Sustainability in the U.S.” with Michael Hanson & Michael Meyer
    • Frankenfood or Organic; Hemp or Polyester; Mansion or Condo – How do you choose? Bacteria genes in tomatoes, hormones in meat, insecticides in potatoes – Do you know what’s in your food? The focus of this course is the impacts of lifestyle choices in regard to food, clothing and shelter. We will examine our behaviors, choices, responsibilities and the consequences of our actions to our communities, nation and the entire globe by investigating ecosystem interconnections. Through our readings and discussions, we will evaluate diverse opinions and values in order to scrutinize our own personal beliefs.
    • Credit for ENGL& 101, 201, 271, 272, or 226 AND ENVS& 100, NUTR 100, BIOL& 100, or BOTAN 110 (10-11 credits)
  • “The Good Life: Finding Your Place in School and Life” with Sue Cox & Isaiah Hemmen
    • How do I create the good life for myself? For that matter, how do I make it through college? Begin to answer these questions while developing your sociology and English skills through reading, writing, discussing, and interacting with guest speakers in “The Good Life.”
    • Credit for ENGL 092, 093, or 101 AND SOC& 101 (10 credits)
  • “CSI Bellevue: Who Did It?!” with Gina Fiorini, Allison Kang, & Tony Tessandori
    • Do you need biology and chemistry for an allied health field or a transfer degree? CSI Bellevue is an integrated learning community. Through hands-on activities you will learn how to use biology and chemistry to solve crimes! Accelerate your entry into A&P while learning science through the lens of forensics and anthropology! Then you will be able to answer the question “Who Did It?”
    • Credit for CHEM 121 AND BIOL& 160 AND ANTH 125 (17 credits)

Winter 2017

  • “Bite Me 2.0: Food Security and Sustainability” with Michael Hanson & Michael Meyer
  • “Who Do You Think You Are? Biology, Race, and the Finding of Self” with Jason Fuller & Kim Pollock
  • “Coming to America: History and Literature of Immigration to the U.S.” with Brian Casserly & Hyesu Park

Spring 2017

  • “Mind Your Language: The Psychology of Intercultural Communication” with Jen Anderson & Deepti Karkhanis
  • “Fighting for the Planet: The Political Economy of Climate Change” with David Spataro & BJ Unti
  • “The Wire: Life on the Street and the War on Drugs” with Eric Davis, Charlene Freyberg, & Natalie Martinez
  • “What is Black? Blackness in the Modern Diaspora” with Kim Pollock & Wairimu Kiambuthi

* Note: all “preview” courses for the upcoming academic year are subject to change. 

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