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 2018 Preview



Winter 2018

INTER 117 – BITE ME 2.0:  Food Security & Sustainability – 10 or 11 CR


Inter 117 Bite Me 2.0Drive-thru or dining room table? Factory-processed or home-grown? Broccoli, barley, beans or edible food-like substances? What’s cheap about cheap food? Is all food equal? What is real? Do you eat for nutrients, taste or cost? The focus of this course is the impacts of lifestyle choices in regard to food. We will examine our behaviors, choices, and responsibilities and consequences of our actions to our communities, nation and the entire globe by investigating ecosystem interconnections. Through our readings and discussions, we will evaluate diverse opinions and values in order to scrutinize our own personal beliefs.


Michael Hanson, Biology & Botany |  Michael Meyer, English

Item # 5815 10 Credits
Item # 5816 11 Credits
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INTER 165  – Coming to America: History and Literature of Immigration to the U.S. – 10 CR

INTER 165 - Coming to America


This Interdisciplinary course will explore the history and literature of the U.S. immigration, from the 1600s to the start of the 21st century. Students will examine some of the major changes and developments in the history of immigration to the U.S. while also reflecting on these moments through literary representations of history.
Item # 5865
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Brian Casserly, History |  Hyesu Park, English

Inter 155 The Wire: Life on the Streets
INTER 155 – The Wire: Life on the Streets and the War on Drugs – 10 CR

This course will examine HBO’s series, The Wire, to understanding the issues of criminality and the War on Drugs. The course will include media literacy and criminal justice lenses in its approach and will open your eyes to drugs, cops, gang members, “the code of the street” and West Baltimore.

Item # 5880
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Charlene Freyberg, Criminal Justice |  Natalie Martinez, English

INTER 170 –   Race and Biology – 11 CR

Inter 170
Who are you? Where do you come from? What information is hidden in your DNA? Come with us on a journey into your past that can help you figure out directions for the future. We will explore the connections between the ‘facts’ that science provides us, and the stories that we construct to explain what those ‘facts’ mean. Let’s explore race and biology, and figure out who we are.


Kim Pollock, Cultural and Ethnic Studies
Jason Fuller, Life Science

Item # 5870

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Spring 2018

INTER 145    Bite Your Tongue: The Psychology of Intercultural Communication – 10 CR

ImageHave you ever wondered about the interconnectedness between your individual thoughts, your culture, and your environment and how those factors come into play in your everyday communication style and social interactions? Join with us on an adventure examining the relationship between psychology, culture, and interpersonal communication. We will spend time in an active learning environment exploring issues of identity, acculturation, perceptual attributions, values and beliefs, conflict, verbal and nonverbal behavior, and prejudice through a psychological and social interaction-based lens.


Deepti Karkhanis, Psychology
Jen Anderson, Communication Studies



INTER 150    Fighting for the Planet: The Political Economy of Climate Change – 10 CR

Inter 150 posterThe science is in. Climate change is threatening life on the planet. Unless humans radically reduce the burden we place on the earth, we are headed for disaster. Unfortunately, the global community has done very little to battle climate change. Indeed, key policy decisions of the last decade push us in precisely the wrong direction; calling for faster economic growth and higher levels consumption. How is this possible? Are we in denial? Why are our leaders ignoring the facts? And, most importantly, what can you do to become more knowledgeable and engaged with environmental issues? This class will address these questions and explore the relationship between capitalism, our political system, and the nature of the environmental crisis.


Brandon Unti, Economics
David Spataro, Political Science



* Note: all “preview” courses for the upcoming academic year are subject to change. 

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