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* Note: all “preview” courses for the upcoming academic year are subject to change. 

 2019 – 2020  Academic Year Preview


Fall Quarter 2019

IDS Class 115 and 116, Bite Me
INTER 115 or INTER 116 – Bite Me:  Consumption and Sustainability in the U.S.

The focus of this course is the environmental, economic and equity impacts of lifestyle choices regarding food, clothing and shelter. We will examine our behaviors, choices, responsibilities and the consequences of our actions to our communities, nation and Earth by investigating ecosystem interconnections. Through our readings and discussions, we will evaluate diverse opinions and values in order to scrutinize our own personal beliefs. If you’re interested in learning how to live a healthy, happy life, this course is for you.
See fall quarter 2019 class schedule for details.
Item # 0600 or 0605 | 10 or 11 credits
Instructors:  Michael Hanson and Michael Meyer
***This will be the last time Bite Me will be offered.***


Winter Quarter 2020

IDS 155, The Wire: The War on Drugs flyerINTER 155 – The Wire:  Life on the Streets and the War on Drugs

HBO’s The Wire’s shady lawyers in court versus honorable and intellectual drug dealers.  Corrupt cops seeking Compstat numbers versus corner boys following a strict code of the street.  This class will examine the nature of community perception of local policing activities and behaviors of those living in the inner-city of West Baltimore during the 1990’s. We will uncover the development and operation of urban drug gangs along with poverty, education and a glimpse into the unique environment of cops and dealers.

See winter quarter 2020 class schedule for details.

Item # 0600, 10 Credits

Instructors:  Charlene Freyberg and Natalie Martínez


Spring Quarter 2020

ImageINTER 145 – Bite Your Tongue: The Psychology of Intercultural Communication

Have you ever wondered about the interconnectedness between your individual thoughts, your culture, and your environment and how those factors come into play in your everyday communication style and social interactions?  Join with us on an adventure examining the relationship between psychology, culture, and interpersonal communication.  We will spend time in an active learning environment exploring issues of identity, acculturation, perceptual attributions, values and beliefs, conflict, verbal and non-verbal behavior, and prejudice through a psychological and social interaction-based lens.

Item # TBA, 10 credits

Instructors:  Deepti Karkhanis and Jen Anderson

* Note: all “preview” courses for the upcoming academic year are subject to change. 

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