The Criminal Justice department at Bellevue College is an interdisciplinary social science approach involving the study of crime and societal responses to it. The program of study offered through the Criminal Justice Department provide students with knowledge of the components of criminal justice system (law enforcement, court systems, corrections) and stages within the criminal justice process. The curriculum includes coursework in criminal justice and criminology, law enforcement and criminal justice ethics, criminal and constitutional law, and written, verbal, non-verbal and intercultural communications. The department offers a variety of criminal justice courses to prepare students either for immediate employment or for transfer to a university bachelor’s degree. Past Bellevue College graduates are currently employed in the Washington State Patrol and municipal and county law enforcement agencies throughout the Northwest, as well as federal agencies and in law practice, corrections, private investigations and security.


In addition to the AAS-T degree, students may elect to earn a CONCENTRATION IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE (see Academic Concentration Application) by successfully completing 20 credits (4 classes) out of these criminal justice core courses:

  1. Introduction to Criminal Justice 101
  2. American Corrections System 106
  3. Introduction to Juvenile Justice 109
  4. Criminal Law 110
  5. Criminology 112
  6. Ethics in Criminal Justice (CJ/PHIL 248)



2013-2014 Degree Requirements:

Students must complete a minimum of 90 quarter credits in courses numbered 100 or above with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in order to graduate from Bellevue College with an AAS-T Criminal Justice degree. Credits must satisfy course requirements listed below. A minimum of 30 credits of the applied 90 credits must be completed at Bellevue College. Note: Although this degree will be granted to Bellevue College students completing a 2.0 GPA, entry into a baccalaureate program at a college or university may require a higher GPA for admission. Admission is competitive and not guaranteed; it is important to perform your best in all Bellevue College classes. Seeking an advisor/counselor early in your studies is highly recommended.

Degree Requirements and Prior College/University Credits: For credits from other institutions, meet with the program advisor for an initial unofficial transcript review.  For an official review, submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form and an official transcript(s) in the prior institution(s) sealed envelope to Evaluations once registered for your first quarter of classes.

For more information of advising and program, please visit Social Science Division.