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Your place of support for improving your revision skills

Our Location

Map of the location of the Academic Success Center and the Writing Lab, D204
The Writing Lab is inside the Academic Success Center in D204


When Can I Come in for Tutoring?

The Writing Lab is open the same business hours as the rest of the Academic Success Center!

How Does the Writing Lab Work?


How Do I See a Tutor Today?


How Do I Schedule a Future Appointment?


I’m a BC student, but what if I can’t go
to the campus for tutoring?

Watch a video to see how e-Tutoring can help you!


The Next Writing Lab Workshops:

We’ve finished our scheduled workshops–
Please check back in the fall!


Workshops are held in the Shared Classroom in the ASC, D204



If you would like us to do a workshop for your class,
or if you would just like to give feedback on your experience with
the Writing Lab, please contact us at writinglab@bellevuecollege.edu


Interested in Becoming a Writing Lab Tutor?

For general tutor information and application form, visit D204
or How to Become a Tutor.

Here’s the specific Writing Lab tutor job description!

Last Updated July 17, 2018