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Whether or not you know business analysis and/or technology will be your major, the following courses are a good starting point and provide invaluable skills applicable in any profession. Read more about these courses online.

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When choosing your first class, consider your skill level.

Do you come with intermediate-advanced skills in business and technology? Or are you just starting out, seeking beginner or entry-level skills? If you need help assessing your skill level, we can help. Visit the Contact us page and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our staff.

Course Skill LevelWhy Take This Course
NEW! BUSIT 150 – Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data AnalyticsEntry-level to Intermediate. No prerequisite, but BATECH 165 or equivalent knowledge recommended.This course explores the job roles, software tools, and programming languages commonly used in the areas of business analysis, business intelligence, and data analytics
BATECH 165 – Business Spreadsheet Analysis & DesignEntry-level to Intermediate.Spreadsheet analysis and design skills are a key asset in business and required in business documentation and presentation. Satisfies one of the program prerequisites for the Bellevue College bachelor’s in Business Management & Technology.
BATECH 168 – Business Data Management ToolsIntermediate. No prerequisite, but BATECH 165 or equivalent knowledge recommended.Every industry collects, stores, and reports on data. Learn to create database tables, queries, forms, and reports including skills that will translate to any relational database software management system.
BUSIT 103 – SQL FundamentalsIntermediate. No prerequisite, but BATECH 165 or equivalent knowledge recommended.Knowledge of the Structured Query Language (SQL) gives you the ability to build complex data reports.
Satisfies one of the program requirements for the Bellevue College bachelor’s in Data Management & Analysis.
BATECH 161 – Business Software EssentialsEntry-level. If you have very little experience with business tools such as spreadsheets.Build entry-level skills with the software tools most commonly used in business to manage and coordinate projects and conduct business analysis.

Last Updated December 4, 2023