The ComGen project is an effective hybrid teaching method of lecturing and technical lab research. Faculty participation is an essential part of the project, and thus we invite faculty to get involved.

The principles of authentic researchSome benefits/information of the ComGen project:

  • Communicating and collaborating with students in research
  • Compared with a standard lab class, a lot more of the responsibility for preparing for the labs and understanding what happened falls on the students
  • Teachers communicate and collaborate with students about lab protocols and this allows them to help guide students in the right direction instead of telling them what to do.
  • Teachers get to give students a taste of research in the STEM field
  • Instructors have noticed significantly greater skill development and engagement among students
  • More student-centered teaching
  • Get professional development training on how to incorporate this into their curriculum
  • Funded by CCLI Grant (0717470) and TUES type II (1225857)

Colleges participating in ComGen:


Get Involved

To get involved, contact the project director, Gita Bangera. Get started by participating in a summer workshop to learn relevant molecular biology techniques, student-centered pedagogy, teaching and learning theory, and educational assessment.

Get Involved

Last Updated June 20, 2018