Varik Hoang Picture

Varik Hoang

Computer Science Instructor


Varik Hoang received a Master’s degree in Computer Science focused on Cloud & Distributed Computing at the University of Washington Tacoma. He collaborated with the other faculty advisors on different specifications during the research, such as Deep Learning and Bioinformatics. Varik also had multiple teaching assistant roles in Computer Science at the University of Washington Tacoma before joining Bellevue College. His professional experience includes software engineering, cloud computing, machine learning, and internet advertising. He has over a year’s experience working with BioDepot LLC to support the development of tools to enable parallel and distributed execution of cancer workflows and presently serving as the PI on BioDepot LLC’s NIH-NCI SBIR 428 project. This project focuses on the development of cloud-based software tools to support multi-omic and imaging data workflows from the Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC)