Capstones vs. Experiential Learning (Internships)

As a part of the Bachelor’s program, students have the option to complete a two-quarter series final capstone project or one or two quarter(s) series of an internship at the end of their program. Learn more about the different options below.

Capstone Projects

If students choose to do the capstone project at the end of their program, they will register for the following courses in their final two quarters:

  • SEC 490 Capstone I
  • SEC 491 Capstone II

Capstone gives students the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned throughout the program though the completion of a project while working in team-setting. Bellevue College partners with other local non-profits or organizations in the community to fulfill a need by the client while simultaneously providing real-world experience related to the students future employment plans. Students are able to graduate with a project/portfolio that can be highlighted on their resume for future employers.

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Experiential Learning (Internships)

If students find an internship in their area of study that meets the qualifications and rigor required for an upper-division internship, the following courses can be taken in place of the 10-credit capstone requirement:

  • EXPRL 490 Internship Experience I
  • EXPRL 491 Internship Experience II

It is important to note that we will not accept past internships for credit. The internship must be approved by the program chair prior to registering. In addition to completing a total of 500 internship hours, students will be expected to complete coursework that includes documenting and reflecting upon their internship experience in order to connect their learning to a real-world environment. Students will be advised by a faculty member and coached by an internship coordinator.

To learn more about eligibility requirements, the application process and coursework students can review the EXPRL 490/491 Internship Experience handout [PDF]. Students can also contact the Program Manager, Internship Coordinator, and/or the Program Chair for more information:

Last Updated March 5, 2024