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The Engineering Transfer Department at Bellevue College is designed for students who are pursuing a four year bachelor’s degree in engineering. The curriculum offered at Bellevue College will allow a student to fulfill pre-major requirements in order to transfer and apply for admission into a university engineering department.

Degrees at Bellevue College

Associate in Science Track II: Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Engineering –  This degree is the most general and customizable degree for engineering students; the degree includes Calculus and Physics courses and has a 90 credit requirement.

Associate in Science Track II: MRP (Major Related Program) – These degrees are designed for more thorough preparation to specific engineering program disciplines; all have 100+ credit requirements.

Transfer Schools in Washington State

Use, Resource Links to research Universities with four year Engineering bachelor’s degree programs – also, to explore colleges that offer two year professional training degrees or certificates. NOTE: Students seeking a two year professional training degree or certificate typically begin studies at the college offering those technical courses.

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SeaTac Concourse D Annex.

SeaTac Concourse D Annex.

Bellevue College Library after snowfall.

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King County - Lake Washington Water Quality Monitoring

King County – Lake Washington Water Quality Monitoring

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