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First-Year Seminar (FYS) 101 is a 3-credit, quarter-long course that is designed to help students explore their strengths, identities, and long-term career and academic goals.

Helps students:

  • Develop and practice skills to enhance cross-cultural interaction, student-instructor interaction, student-community interaction, student-student interaction, and self-advocacy
  • Develop self-reflection techniques to identify strengths and opportunities for continual growth across the academic, social, wellness, financial, and career spheres
  • Focus on personal growth and mentorship
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Who It Is Required For:

  • This course is a graduation requirement for students who are seeking to complete the AAS-DTA, which is the Associate in Arts and Sciences – Direct Transfer Agreement.  This is the most common transfer degree from the college and is commonly chosen by students interested in studying social science (sociology, political science, economics, geography, psychology, anthropology, etc.), communications, art, and humanities (English, history, cultural and ethnic students).