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April 19th – May 17th, 2017: Northwest Design Craftsmen

NWDC Gallery

Feb. 22- March 29, 2017: Dale Lindman


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Jan. 11th- Feb. 8th, 2017: Annual Art Department Faculty Exhibition


Gallery Poster Faculty 2017

Opening June 7, 2016
Annual Student Art Exhibition

Starting from June 7, Bellevue College Gallery Space will feature the annual exhibition for student art works in a variety of mixed media. Public reception will be held on June 8, 4-7 pm. This exhibition closes at the end of first week of fall quarter, 2016.



Opening April 20, 2016 Art Department Alumni Exhibition


Opening March 2, 2016
I’m Hair Now : Works by Jono Vaughan



Opening November 12, 2015
Soup’s On! Soup Tureens; extraordinary, exotic, & sometimes erotic



Opening April 29, 2015
Luke Blackstone: I Might Be Nothing

From April 29 – May 22, 2015, Bellevue College Gallery Space will feature “I Might Be Nothing.” by Luke Blackstone. The exhibition includes the kinetic sculptural installation of Blackstone’s latest body of work. Public Reception will be held on April 30, 4-7pm.


Opening October 9, 2013
The 2013 Annual Faculty Exhibit

This exhibit is a chance to see the work of the Bellevue College Art Department Faculty in Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, and Encaustic Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photographic Techniques, Printmaking, Drawing, and a variety of mixed media.

ginny 2013 faculty

Opening November 13, 2013
Nadia Sablin: Aunties

Sablin preserves the images of the daily lives of her Russian grandmothers (two sisters) as they live in a log cabin near Leningrad. For more information about the artist, visit the artist’s blog here.

two grandmothers

Opening January 8 and running through February 13, 2014
Exhibit of Chromatherapy Work by Patrick Nagatani

Nagatani’s color photographs relate to the subject of chromatherapy, or “color healing.” The Chromatherapy project began in 1978 and has occupied the artist in between other large projects for the past twenty-five years. With roots in ancient Egypt and China, chromatherapy involves the belief that shining the rays from colored lamps on afflicted areas can cure diseased organs of the body. In contrast to conventional medicine’s often aggressive, drug-oriented methods, chromatherapy offers a gentle, noninvasive cure for all kinds of illnesses.


Opening February 26 and running through April 2, 2014
The Grisaille Paintings by Seattle artist David C. Kane

Grisaille — from the French word ‘gris’, meaning ‘gray’, is a term used for paintings created in monochrome or nearly monochrome technique. Usually painted in shades of gray, the paintings might employ a slightly wider color range. Often used for underpainting or sketching, grisailles may also be executed for their own sake — deliberately chosen for asthetic reasons. The tradition of Grisaille painting dates back to the Renaissance and before, and while it lost favor in the 20th Century, it continues to have an impact on the viewing public via photography, film, and early TV. Prominent modern examples include Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” and the work of Chuck Close and Gerhard Richter.

Read a Seattle Times article and view images of the artist and his work.


Opening April 16 and running through May 21, 2014
Robert Maki

Robert Maki is a large-scale sculptor and public artist. View some of his two-dimensional work online at Prographica here.

Maki WWU

Opening June 4, 2014 and running through the summer
The 2014 Annual Student Exhibition


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