Bellevue College Governance

Image depicting BC governance structure.

Bellevue College Governance (BCG) is made up of a College Assembly and eight councils that provide advisory recommendations to college leadership on key areas such as strategic direction, resource acquisition and allocation, and policy. All BC employees are eligible to serve on a governance council.

BC Governance seeks student members for councils. 

Contact Information for AY 21-22 Assembly and Council Chairs

Assembly chair: Valencio Socia
Classified Council chair: Amber Kelly
Exempt Council chair: Jorja Gunderson
Faculty Council chair: Karrin Peterson
Associated Students of BC chair: Theint Thu
Council for Inclusion and Diversity chair: Renee Nejo
Infrastructure Council chair: Reza Forough
Resources and Planning Council chair: Juan Esparza
Student Success Council chair: Grady Blacken


More information about the Bellevue College governance system is available on the Bellevue College internal SharePoint site (login required.)