Bellevue College Governance

Bellevue College Governance (BCG) facilitates informed decision-making in the overall interest of the institution. All members of the college community have the opportunity to express opinions and make recommendations, and the system provides structures through which these opinions and recommendations will be considered for all important
decisions. Key areas for governance input include strategic direction, resource acquisition and allocation, curricular and programmatic issues, and policy. Governance does not address matters of compensation, benefits, working conditions, personnel matters, grievances or other management issues.
BCG consist of a College Assembly and 8 Councils:

  • Four Constituency Councils: Student Council, Faculty Council, Classified Council and Exempt Council
  • Four Functional Councils: Student Success Council, Resources and Planning Council, Council for Inclusion and Diversity and Infrastructure Council.

The College Assembly and the Councils develops and forward advisory opinions and recommendations to the President and other leadership as needed: Union, Management and Board of Trustees.

Image depicting BC governance structure.

More information about the Bellevue College governance system is available on the Bellevue College internal SharePoint site (login required.)