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Jennie Mayer Picture

Jennie Mayer

Physical Sciences Program Chair / Chemistry Instructor


Jennie Mayer has an M.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Riverside. She has taught college chemistry since 2002 and started at Bellevue College in Winter 2005. She is the co-advisor of the chess club and enjoys corny science jokes, pickleball, and molecular gastronomy (a well-rounded nerd).  Jennie taught the IDS class “Of Mice and Matter” with Sue Miller in Fall 2010, which became a trio with Kelly Elsenbaumer in Fall 2011. Jennie_mayer2The three faculty love a learning community in which teachers and students are in class together for twenty hours a week!

Jennie strives to teach chemistry in a way that students can unlock its mysteries by working together in a supportive and collaborative environment. By teaching with a biologist,  she hopes to learn biology some day. And she likes explosives