BAA Course Registration

Enrolling in Classes

1. Students in the BAA Program are required to enroll in a minimum of one upper division Interior Design class during each of the fall, winter and spring quarters. Enrollment in the summer quarter is optional.

If you fail to:

1. enroll in any required quarter or

2. request deferment or

3. request time off

Your status as a student in the BAA Program will be ended after one year of absence.

2. Students accepted into the BAA program will be allowed to register for 300 level BAA classes (restricted to taking one 300-level studio at a time, note prerequisite structure to 440, 471 and 472). If a permission code code is required follow the instructions on the Permission Codes page. It is your responsibility to register in your courses and ensure that the courses you select meet the program/ graduation requirements. To check if you have met the course prerequisite, see the course description in the online Class Schedule.

3. Register online for courses and pay your tuition. For further information about web registration, course prerequisites, payments & deadlines, or cancelling your registration visit the Registration website.

Deferred Acceptance

You may request to defer your start date to up to one year from your acceptance notification. All requests must be submitted in writing to the Interior Design Program Manager.

Time Off

Students may request up to one year of time off; requests must be submitted in writing to the Interior Design Program Manager and approved one quarter prior to scheduled time off. If a student is absent for more than four consecutive quarters, they will be required to reapply to program.

Field Learning Experience

INDES 471 Capstone Studio 1 contains an embedded Field Learning experience. This experience requires travel outside of the Seattle Metropolitan area and as such this expense should be planned for well in advance. While destinations for this field learning experience will vary, you should budget for a minimum of $1200. This estimated cost includes airfare, transportation, accommodations, and entry to arranged sites.

Last Updated June 5, 2023