Entry Codes

Certain classes offered each quarter may require entry codes if:

  • It is a special topic course
  • You’ve transferred credits from another college
  • You are trying to take a course out of sequence

To request an entry code please e-mail deborah.dauterman@bellevuecollege.edu and include:

  • the course number, the class name and the item number
  • the quarter you are requesting a code for
  • why you need the code (you transferred credits or need to take a course out of sequence)
  • your phone number
  • your student id number

Please allow at least one business day to receive a response to your request. The entry code will be sent to your Bellevue College email account. Requests sent on Fridays or weekends may take until Tuesday to be answered.

Please don’t call the Interior Design Program office for Entry Codes.

Last Updated March 2, 2018