About the Academic Internship Program

The Academic Internship Program operates within the Center for Career Connections/RISE Learning Institute. It allows you to acquire course credit while working and learning in a professional environment.


To provide experiential learning experiences through internships to increase student’s retention and success in achieving their academic and career goals at Bellevue College

What we do

• Collaborate with faculty to incorporate experiential learning such as work-based learning, including internships into their curriculum
• Strategize with students on how connect to internship opportunities with employer partners
• Communicate with students to meet with an internship coordinator one-on-one, attend internship events/fairs, workshops to find out about internship opportunities
• Provide academic opportunities for students taking an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree

What we offer

  • Provides a framework to integrate practical work experience with academic goals.
  • Students develop learning objectives; write reflection reports; receive 1:1 coaching on resume, LinkedIn profile and employment exploration. 
  • You must have an approved internship before registering. Students can register throughout the year as long as they have secured an internship.
  • Credits count towards elective credits in most associate degrees’ programs. 

  • Provides a structure to reflect on internship experience and apply learning in a real-world environment. 
  • Get advice from a faculty member in the relevant academic discipline and receive coaching from the internship coordinator on managing workplace relations and preparation for employment upon graduation.
  • Students who are pursuing the Bachelor’s degree programs have the option of either taking this class or the capstone class to fulfill their degree program. 
  • Applicable to students enrolled in BAS Accounting, ISIT, Database Management & Analysis and Cybersecurity. 

Student Transformational Stories

Workshops to Prepare for Internships

Workshops are offered during the fall, winter and spring quarters.
For more information about each workshops, select the date and time.

Workshop titleDayLocationTime 
Technical InterviewsTuesday, May 24Online (Zoom)12:30-1:30pmRegister Now!