Faculty Support

The Academic Internship Program at Bellevue College offers course credit to students who complete internships and facilitate prior learning internship credit for the Interior Design and Business Management programs.

Participation in this program is open to all BC students including transfer, professional/technical, continuing education, developmental, ABE/ESL, and baccalaureate students.

Indeed, faculty are crucial to the success of the Academic Internship Program. Many faculty discuss the importance of internships in classes and encourage students to visit the Center for Career Connections for support in exploring internship opportunities. Such support is vitally important to our program.

Faculty can get involved with internship by:

An Internship Coordinator can visit your classroom to promote internship opportunities. He or she will take 5-15 minutes to describe the Academic Internship Program, share a few current internship opportunities, and answer questions. She or he can also offer valuable job market resources and internship search advice.

If you’ll be out of town at a conference or other events, we’re happy to fill in.  We can teach a workshop on finding internships—and even customize it for your particular discipline.

If you know of a company or community organization that might be interested in hosting an intern, please let us know. We will contact them to get the process in motion. It is easy for employers to host an intern, and we are happy to explain our program. If you’d like, you can work closely with the employer and Internship Coordinator to develop a job description, identify potential candidates, and thus create opportunities for students in your program.

If you know a student who is doing an internship or who has a professional volunteer position, please send them our way. We can help them earn academic credit for the work they’re doing. Our internship classes focus on professional development and help students turn an internship into a launching pad for their career. Note : Approval of internships is subjected to the internship requirements of the program and varies from program to program.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about internships. We’re here to help faculty. The Academic Internship Program can:

  • Attend advisory board meetings and work with your employer and community partners to help them create internship opportunities.
  • Inform you (and your community partners) about the legal requirements and Bellevue College policies regarding the hiring of interns.
  • Assist departments that are considering creating internship opportunities for students related to their degree or career path such as social media, digital marketing, or office administration. (Many departments on campus have taken advantage of this excellent opportunity to utilize student skills and knowledge.)

Contact Tamara Pinkas, Internship Coordinator, if you’d like to work with or learn more about the Academic Internship Program.

Last Updated April 10, 2024