The Lead Peer Educators (LPE) program is a student leadership group that aims to advance campus services, help current/prospective students navigate campus resources, and provide hands-on experiential learning activities for new peer educators to promote student success.

The Lead Peer Educator Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s, Title III [PDF] Project.

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The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides free, high-quality tutoring and learning services for all students enrolled at Bellevue College. They provide specialized tutoring labs for math and writing as well as drop-in tutoring for most subjects, one-on-one tutoring appointments, workshops, and resources for lending like textbooks and calculators. The mission of the ASC is to help students succeed academically and empower them to become independent, life-long learners.

Student Resources

Dental Clinic Flyer Information

Coming August 7th!

Lead Peer Educators (LPEs) partnered with Medical Teams International to provide emergency dental treatment to the students of Bellevue College. The college secured a grant for the Mobile Dental Clinic, and a pilot of the clinic was offered. The mobile dental van provides services for students that exhibit urgent dental needs such as dental pain, swelling, or possible decay (e.g., discolored teeth), who need fillings or tooth extraction.

For more information, you can visit the official Bellevue College Dental Clinic website: Bellevue College Dental Clinic.

What’s Happening On Campus?

AFA team members

Bellevue College’s Speech & Debate team clinched the national championship for a community college for the second consecutive year! Despite having only three members—Dmitrii Fisenko, Jacques Ilunga, and team president Katana Hewett—they excelled at the American Forensics Association’s tournament, showcasing their dedication and skill.

Unlike athletes and many competitors, these students don’t receive scholarships for their efforts. Their recent wins, including at the Pi Kappa Delta national tournament, highlight their exceptional talent and commitment. Let’s congratulate them for their outstanding achievements!

Dive into the highlights of the Exploring Pathways Event with Lead Peer Educators! Gain valuable insights into the enriching experience designed to help students explore diverse academic and career pathways at Bellevue College. From engaging workshops to inspiring discussions, this video captures the essence of the event, offering a glimpse into the valuable resources and opportunities available to our BC community.

Student Success Coaching Opportunity

Unlock your full potential with personalized one-on-one sessions focused on personal growth, time management, motivation, wellness, and study strategies. Not academic advising, counseling, or tutoring – it’s your path to academic excellence. Book your 30-minute session now on our website!

Welcome to the Lead Peer Educators (LPEs) video! In this video, you’ll get an inside look at the valuable work our Lead Peer Educators do to support the Bellevue College community. Listen to our dedicated peer educators as they share their experiences, insights, and the impact they have on campus. Discover how LPEs are making a difference in the lives of students.

Examining Inequities in College Policies: Advocating for Fee Reduction and Transparency

Join us in witnessing the journey of these four Bellevue College students as they strive to make a positive impact on college policies. Be inspired by their determination, critical thinking, and their commitment to fostering a more equitable and transparent educational environment.

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Michael Talluto

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