Botany Courses

BOTAN 110: Introductory Plant Biology – 6 credits

Presents basic concepts of plant biology for the non-major, focusing on the plant characteristics, unity and diversity, growth, and reproduction. Students discuss current ideas in agriculture, horticulture, medicine, biotechnology, ecology, conservation, and environmental issues. Laboratory work includes greenhouse and field studies.

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BOTAN 113: Plant Identification and Classification – 6 credits

Covers the nomenclature, classification, field study, and laboratory identification of common plant families, with emphasis on the conspicuous flora of Western and Central Washington. Format includes fieldwork, including two full-day trips to Central Washington.

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BOTAN 120: Introduction to Mycology – 6 credits

Surveys the study of fungi, emphasizing interrelationships with the plant and animal kingdoms. Topics include classification and naming, reproduction, fungi as pathogens of plants, mycotoxins, medicinal and/or shamanistic uses, edible mushrooms, fungal diseases, plant/fungus symbiotic relationships, and pest management.

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BOTAN 199: Individual Studies in Botany – variable credits

Allows for special projects, student research and independent study in Botany by an individual student. May be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

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Last Updated March 18, 2021