Careers in Physics

Welcome to the career planning pages of the BC Physics web site. Setting and achieving career goals does not happen all at once, so we have designed these pages to be an iterative resource. That is, we expect you will return here (and to other resources you develop) many times as you progress through school. On each occasion you will know more and will have different questions. The three main pages are arranged to roughly match your progress through school. So, if you have never considered a career in physics visit the Physics as a Career Choice page first. Return visitors will find useful information on all the pages but will be more interested in the later pages as you approach graduation.

As you learn more be sure to involve your instructors in this process. Each has a unique perspective and experience to offer. Consult with them often.

Many people (perhaps most people) do not know what a physicist does, or why he or she is fascinated by that work. This is your doorway to physics as it is practiced by people who do physics.
Begin your search by exploring the information and links on the Career Choice page. Return there as your knowledge of physics grows. When it is time to decide about jobs or graduate work you will have the information you need to help you choose.

Here is your tour guide for the road to a career in physics. Travelers advice included.
How should you prepare while you are taking classes? What should you do outside of class? How can you put your summers to work for you (and get paid)? What about Graduate School?

Resources to help make the transition from school to work, and planning help so that this transition is as smooth as possible.
Here you will find tips on career planning, resume advice, interviewing, and the job market.

Last Updated November 6, 2014