Electricity and Magnetism

PIRA:  Electricity and Magnetism


5A10.10 – Rods and Fur

5A10.20 – Electrophorus

5A20.10 – Rods and Pivot

5A20.20 – Pith Ball

5A20.30 – Electrostatic Spheres

5A22.70 – Electrometer

5A40.10 – Charging by Induction

5A50.10 – Wilmshurst Machine

5A50.30 – Van de Graaff Generator

Electric Fields and Potential

5B00.00 – Electric Field and Potential Boards

5B10.40 – Electric Field Lines

5B20.00 – Magnetic Accelerator


5C30.10 – Leyden Jar

5C30.30 – Light the Bulb


5D10.40 – Resistance Model

5D10.42 – Rheostat

5D40.10 – Jacobs Ladder (DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE)

Electromagnetic Force

5E50.10 – EM Meters

DC Circuits

5F10.10 – Ohm’s Law

5F20.50 – Series and Parallel Circuits

5F30.10 – Capacitor and Light Bulb


5G50.50 – Meissner Effect

Magnetic Fields and Forces

5H00.00 – Magnetic Field Balance

5H10.00 – Compass and Magnetic Field Boards

5H10.15 – Dip Needle

5H10.20 – Oersted’ Effect

5H10.30 – Magnet and Iron Filings

5H20.20 – Levitation Magnets

5H25.10 – Helmholtz Coil

5H30.10 – Magnet and TV


5J20.10 – LR Time Constant on Scope

Electromagnetic Induction

5K10.20 – Induction Coil and Magnet

5K20.25 – Eddy Currents

5K20.26 – Faraday Repulsion Coil

5K20.40 – Jumping Rings

5K40.45 – Coupled Motors

AC Circuits

Semiconductors and Tubes

5M20.10 – Gas Discharge Tubes

Electromagnetic Radiation

5N20.10 – Tesla Coil/Induction Coil

5N20.25 – Plasma Globe

5N30.10 – Projected Spectrum w/Prism

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