Where is the Demo Room?

The demo room is located in prep room B225.

How is the Demo Room organized?

The demos are in the rolling storage unit and organized by PIRA classification.  There’s a PIRA classification list on the side of the storage unit.  You will find most demos are boxed and labeled.  Pictures and basic demo instruction is included, in some cases.

How do I use the Demo Room?

The demo room is self-serve.  Faculty are responsible for locating and setting up the demos.  Please use the log-out sheet located on the side of the storage unit, so we know what and where the demos are being used.  Faculty need to return the demo when done to the appropriate location.

What if a Demo is broken or damaged?

If a demo is damaged, please do not put it back, leave it on the bench for the lab tech.

How do I get a demonstration added to the database?

If Faculty would like to try a lecture demonstration not listed as part of our BC index, please contact the Lab Tech.  We may actually have it on-hand or we can assemble it for you with enough notice.

Faculty can search for more demonstrations through the Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA) website and you will find other useful instructional resources at the PIRA Home page.

Last Updated May 1, 2020