PIRA 200:  Mechanics

Motion in 1-D

1C10.05 – Motion Sensor and Student

1C10.20 – PASCO Dynamics Carts

1C10.25 – Airtrack and Gliders

1C20.10 – Penny and a Feather

1C20.15 – Acceleration

1C30.55 – Measuring g

Motion in 2-D

1D15.10 – Motion Sensor and Student

1D15.50 – Brachistochrone Track (Cycloid)

1D50.10 – Ball and String

1D50.40 – Pail of Water, Pail of Nails

1D60.05 – Projectile Motion

1D60.10 – Howitzer and Tunnel

1D60.20 – Simultaneous Fall

1D60.30Monkey Hunter

1D60.40 – PASCO Projectile Launcher

Relative Motion

1E30.00 – Foucault Pendulum (Coriolus Effect)

Newton’s First Law

1F20.34 – Card/Coin Snap (Inertia)

1F20.36 – Inertia at Rest

Newton’s Second Law

1G10.10 – Accelerating Air/Dynamics Cart

1G10.25 – Friction

Newton’s Third Law

1H10.10 – Push Me, Pull You

Statics of Rigid Bodies

1J10.09 – Cardboard Shapes

1J10.12 – Center of Mass

1J10.25 – Broom

1J20.21 – Stable Equilibrium

1J20.45 – Eagle and Pivot

1J40.56 – Torque Rack

Statics of Non-Rigid Bodies

1K20.10 – Incline Friction


Work and Energy

1M40.10 – Nose Basher

1M40.30 – Collision Incline Plane

1M40.90 – Rattleback

Linear Momentum and Collisions

1N30.10 – Collision Balls

1N30.60 – Astro Blaster

Rotational Dynamics

1Q10.10 – Inertia Wands and Two Students

1Q10.30 – Ring, Disk, Sphere Race

1Q10.40 – Whirly Bird

1Q20.10 – Adjustable Angular Momentum

1Q20.50 – Hinged Stick & Ball

1Q40.10 – Rotating Stool and Masses

1Q40.30 – Rotating Stool and Wheel

1Q50.50 – Precessing Gyro

1Q60.30(1) – Spin the Egg

Properties of Matter

1R10.10 – Stretching a Spring (Hooke’s Law)

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