Oscillations and Waves

PIRA 200:  Oscillations & Waves


3A10.10 – Simple Pendulum

3A20.10 – Mass on a Spring

3A40.25 – Oscillation Pendulum

3A70.10 – Wilberforce Pendulum

3A70.20 – Coupled Pendula

Wave Motion

3B10.05 – Students do the Standing Wave

3B10.10 – Pulse on a Spring

3B10.15 – Tension Dependence on Wave Speed

3B10.30 – Shive/Bell Labs Wave Model

3B20.05 – Students do the Longitudinal Wave

3B20.10 – Hanging Slinky

3B22.00 – Hand Strobe

3B22.10 – Melde’s Apparatus

3B25.05 – Shive Wave Model (Transverse, Impedance, Reflection)

3B27.21 – Shive Wave Model (Wave Superposition)

3B35.60 – Refraction of Water Waves

3B40.10 – Doppler Buzzer

3B40.31 – Heartbeat Doppler

3B50.00 – Interference and Diffraction Slitfilm

3B50.13 – Standing Waves in Ripple Tank

3B50.40 – Wave Motion (Moiré Pattern)

3B60.11 – Beat Bars

3B70.05 – Ames Tuning Forks



3D30.25 – Whistling Tube

3D32.90 – Train Whistle

3D40.30 – Chladni Plate

3D40.51 – Resonance Bowl (Standing Waves)

3D46.15 – Tuning Forks

Sound Systems

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