2150P Student Academic Transcripts (Procedures)

Original Date: 9/1/1995 * Last Revision Effective: 4/6/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Student Affairs


The following procedures are established to ensure that students who are or were enrolled at Bellevue College can obtain copies of their college transcripts.


Unofficial copies of transcripts for advising or personal information may be obtained from the student affairs center or through the web online services. The comprehensive fee covers the cost of unofficial transcripts.

To obtain official copies of academic transcripts, students must submit requests in writing or through the web online services. There is a fee for official transcripts. In-person requests may be submitted to the student affairs center; mailed or faxed requests should be addressed to the records office.

A request for an official transcript must include the following information:

  • full student name (and any previous names);
  • student identification number;
  • current mailing address;
  • daytime phone number (including area code);
  • last year and quarter the student attended BC;
  • mailing address to which the transcript(s) should be sent;
  • number of copies required;
  • student’s signature.

Whenever possible, the college will transmit permanent records (transcripts) electronically.

Revision History

Original 9/1/1995
Revisions 3/22/2005; 5/21/2009; 4/6/2015

Approved By

President’s Cabinet

Last Updated April 6, 2015