Online Verification of Class Registration/Enrollment

Current students can use the Online Self-Service Verification of Registration/Enrollment process available through the National Student Clearinghouse. This option allows you to print a Registration/Enrollment Verification Immediately. The verification is in a format widely accepted by health insurance agencies, loan agencies, credit issuers, housing providers, employers, and others. It includes dates and indicates full or part-time status.

Note: This process is not available prior to the start of the quarter you wish to verify registration/enrollment for classes. You must wait until after the quarter begins to request verification.

Alternate BC Verification

If the National Student Clearinghouse process does not meet your needs you canĀ Request a Letter Verifying Registration/Enrollment (login required) from BC.

Note: this process is not immediate, may take several days to complete, and is available only for past and present quarters. You may also use the link above to request an admission acceptance letter for an upcoming quarter for which you have applied and been accepted.

Last Updated May 14, 2021