Connect with Us: Ask Online for Help & Information

Learn about connecting with and asking for help from specific departments at BC.

How to Ask for Help

Use this system to connect with the departments listed below. Get your questions answered and ask for help if you need it. You can use this system 24/7. Most tickets will receive a response within 5 days. If your issue is urgent, please visit us in the U building or request a phone call via Qless.

  • Admitted students must login with their NetID.
    • We cannot answer specific questions, or look up your information unless you login and provide us with your ctcLink student ID number.
  • Use the button below to Login now.
Login and Submit a Request

Service Wait Times

Most students receive an answer within two business days, but during peak times it can take up to five business days for the following areas:

  • Enrollment Services (admission/enrollment/student records),
  • Financial Aid (grants/loans),
  • Student Financial Services (student accounts/cashiers/refunds), and
  • Educational Planning (academic advising).

Peak times include:

  • The first week of enrollment for the upcoming quarter,
  • The dates tuition is due,
  • The business day before the quarter begins, and
  • The first four days of the quarter.

The campus is now open for in-person services. During peak times this is the quickest way to connect with our departments and get your question answered. Check the departments’ website for on-campus hours.

This option is for future students and community members with general questions. Due to security and privacy issues, we cannot answer specific student questions if you use this option.

Submit a Request Without Login

Service Wait Times

Most people receive a response within two business days. However, it may take much longer if you submit your request during peak times, which are generally at the start of a quarter and at the start of enrollment for an upcoming quarter.

For future students, our Welcome Center, which includes admission advising and information about our programs, services, and processes, is now open for in-person service. If you can, we invite you to come to campus. This is the quickest way to get your questions answered and to connect to our campus ambassadors. Check the Welcome Center website for in-person service hours.

We offer assistance with the following:

  • Accessing canvas (online classroom)
  • ctcLink system issues
  • other IT related issues
Connect with Information Technology Services (ITS)

Alert: this is not the Connect with Us: Ask Online for Help and Information System. This is a separate system for the ITS issues listed above only.

Do not use this system if:

  • You are faculty or staff, unless you are submitting on behalf of a student
  • You need help with accessing canvas (online classroom) and other IT related issues, including ctcLink system issues

Use this system to connect with the following departments

Don’t see the department you need assistance with? Use the search bar on this page to locate the department website for contact information.