Captains of Sustainability make new compost options

Bellevue College Compost Map

Two members of the Captains of Sustainability, Jarka Gurthova (Information Resources) and Kyra Olson (Workforce Development), made more compost options available on campus this Winter.

Jarka and Kyra noticed that students, staff, and faculty were disposing of compostable waste in trash bins.  This creates unnecessary trash, resulting in greater costs to the College and the environment.  With the help of the Captains of Sustainability, they identified “gaps” across campus where compost bins could be located.

After identifying places for new compost bins, Jarka and Kyra applied to the SESF for a grant to purchase new compost bins.  The SESF funded their request for $2,396!

New compost bins can be found at the following locations:

  • One in N Building
  • One in S Building
  • Two for the East and West Boardrooms
  • Six for Events (to be used when needed)
  • Two in E Building for performances

See the map below for identifying locations across campus.  Make a difference and join the Captains of the Sustainability!

BC Compost Map


Last Updated April 8, 2014