How to Use

Step 1

Do you have an idea? Not sure where to start? Review what other higher education institutions are doing for sustainability, social justice, and climate justice, and check the Bellevue College Office of Sustainability’s Resources and Sustainability at BC pages to see what we are already doing or to look for inspiration!

Step 2

Send us an email to! We would love to help out in anyway we can and can chat with you to make your idea a reality!

Step 3

Complete the paperwork:

  1. SESF Application Form
  2. SESF Budget Form
  3. Letter of Support (required for student projects or projects impacting campus physical space)

Submit this to AND

Step 4

Present your idea at the next SESF Meeting and ask for funding! The committee will vote on your proposal. The committee is made up of friendly, sustainability-minded students, staff, and faculty.

Step 5

If the committee votes to approve your proposal, the chair of the SESF (ASG Social Rep) will then take the proposed funding request to the ASG Board of Directors (BOD). The BOD will vote to ratify the funding.

Step 6

Once ratified, your funds are now available! The SESF Committee Chair will email you with instructions on how to access your funds for your project.

Step 7 (If Requested)

If requested by the SESF Committee, you may be required to return to the committee and present on your project’s successes and challenges. We want to hear about how it went, see pictures, and help you celebrate your hard work!

Last Updated October 15, 2021