Student Environmental Sustainability Fund

Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF) LogoSESF Mission: The Student Environmental Sustainability Fee is intended to provide resources that are sustainable for student use and education while enhancing BC’s efforts to continue to create a campus that is environmentally responsible.

History: In 2008, the students of Bellevue College assessed themselves a quarterly fee (up to $10 a quarter) to create a “sustainable” fund called the Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF). See more here: SESF History

The purpose of this fund is to provide sustainability resources for students, promote sustainable education and help create a sustainable learning environment.

Upcoming Committee Meetings

SESF Meets at least twice per quarter. Email or for upcoming meeting times. Starting Summer 2017, meeting minutes and agendas can be found here.


Anyone can apply for funding from the SESF as long as the funding request is aligned with the mission of the SESF (see mission statement above).  Get your project funded….

More on the SESF:

History of SESF

In Fall 2006, Kathe Winkler-Lowe, Cypress Sigman and Lauren DeWitt, all members of the Student Science Association formed a subgroup called the BCC Energy Action Team (EAT). The purpose of the group was to have BC students self assess a fee that would be used by the campus to purchase 100% green energy from Puget Sound …more about History of SESF

SESF Approved Proposals

By Year Approved: July 2016- June 2017 ASG BBQ Zero Waste ($1268) Earth Week ($3232) Walk for Water-Water Bottles (?) Eco Bags ($180) Sustainable Fashion Showcase ($150) Bioswale, Apiary, and Student Garden Signage ($2100) Student Garden and Bioswale Update ($2477.62) WAHESC Registration and Travel ($7,325) Feminine Product Drive (?) AASHE Baltimore Registration and Travel (?) …more about SESF Approved Proposals

Student Environmental Sustainability Fund Committee

The SESF committee is responsible for recommending allocations of the revenues collected from the students environmental sustainability fee.  These allocations should direct the College’s sustainability and environmental program investments based on the College’s mission and goals, strategic plan, and with the following objectives: Broaden or enhance the quality of students’ academic experience by integrating sustainability …more about Student Environmental Sustainability Fund Committee