English Level


1.What level of English will I need?

ESL level 6 (Advanced) – On the Job Communications

ESL level 5/6 (High intermediate to Advanced) – Preparing for Work

ESL level  4/5 (Intermediate to high intermediate) – Working in English

2. My English is higher than level 6.  Can I still take the class?

Yes, it is possible that you could take Preparing for Work or On the Job Communications. Check with the instructor to be sure it is the right class for you.

3. My English is lower than level 4.  Can I still take the class?

You might take more ESL classes before joining Working in English. However, you could talk to the instructor to find out if the class would be right for you.

4. I don’t know my English level? What should I do?

You can take the assessment test to find out your ESL level. However, you do not have to take a test to enter this program. The instructor will help you at registration to decide which class is best for you. Read the class information and schedule before choosing which class will be most helpful.

5. Where can I take the ESL assessment test?

To find out about the next assessment date, visit R 130, call 425 564 2171 or e-mail Shirley Cunningham, Program Coordinator at scunning@bellevuecollege.edu

6. How do I find out more information about ESL classes at Bellevue College?

Visiting: R 130 (Monday to Friday)
Viewing: Basic and Transitional Studies Department web site
Talking to: Shirley Cunningham at 425-564-2171
E-mailing: Shirley Cunningham at scunning@bellevuecollege.edu

Last Updated June 17, 2016