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Basic and Transitional Studies

The purpose of the Basic and Transitional Studies Department is to provide students with high-quality basic and pre-college Math and English literacy education for academic, personal, family, work and community engagement while cultivating leadership potential within collaborative student, staff, and faculty learning communities.



The mission of the ABE Program at Bellevue College is to offer a flexible program to meet the diverse needs of students needing basic skills to become more self-sufficient. Learn more


GED® Test Preparation classes

are designed for students with well-developed reading skills to prepare for the tests by developing test taking strategies and study skills. Learn more


High School 21+

(HS 21+) is a competency-based high school equivalency program for adult learners 21 and older who do not have a high school diploma or equivalency. Learn more


ESL as a Second Language

The ESL Program offers English language classes to Students who have a college or career goal and a language acquisition goal. This program is available only to citizens, immigrants and refugees. Learn more



is a program for ESL and Basic Skills students who want to start college classes, earn college certificates, learn workplace skills, or gain confidence in English, study skills, and career readiness. Learn more


Preparing for Work

Job preparation classes are FREE to non-native English speakers who are immigrants, refugees, or citizens living in Bellevue. Students must be interested in finding work now or in the near future. Learn more