Heather Miller Picture

Heather Miller

ESL Instructor


Heather Miller has been teaching at Bellevue College since 2005. In addition to teaching multiple levels of ESL, she has been teaching workplace ESL for eight years. Students in her Working in English class leave the class having stronger communication skills and more success in their current jobs, as well as more confidence about succeeding in a better job. In class, students learn about the culture of the American workplace. Students learn specific strategies about how to communicate with their supervisors, co-workers, and customers. In addition, the class provides a lot of practical exercises including calling in late or sick, completing forms, responding to safety warnings, reading job announcements, asking for elaboration, and dealing with mistakes. Heather feels happy knowing that she is helping people learn strong communication skills so they can succeed in their current jobs and feel confident with their skills so they can find better jobs.